Tangle Lakes and the Delta River

Tangle Lakes is located at Mile 20 on the Denali Highway near the east end. The Tangle River connects several lakes and emerges from them as the Delta River. The trip begins near the tree line amidst the Alaska Range. There is abundant evidence of glaciation long ago but the river flows clear and free of silt now. The trees grow more frequent as you descend in altitude through the river canyon and ultimately join glacial outflow at Eureka Creek. The Denali Fault is visible at the surface level along some of the river shoreline. Snowcapped peaks surround you as you cut through the heart of the Alaska Range. In the lakes you can find Lake Trout that approach the state record sizes and more Arctic Grayling than you could count. It is said that this is probably the greatest Grayling fishery in the world and it is easy to believe it. Commonly several varieties of large wildlife are encountered. Caribou roam through in herds and the Moose are often found munching the bounty in the middle of the lake. Black and Grizzly bears are in the area so take care with your supplies. A pack of Wolves also frequents this area. Along with the larger wildlife you can find a myriad of medium to small types. Beavers are seemingly in every eddy and pool, Muskrats are working in every lake, and a community of River Otters are frequently seen in various locations. The Foxes and marmots work the banks and add to the fun. Probably the most abundant variety of wildlife is found amongst the birds. Trumpeter Swans, Loons, Geese, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Hawks, Ravens, Seagulls, Arctic Terns, Willow Ptarmigan, Spruce Grouse, Grebes, Mergansers, and Ducks of many varieties are just some of the birds making this area their home, or at least a wayside stop in their travels. There is a ¼ mile portage around a beautiful series of waterfalls and the river is rated class II+ to III at high water but the hardest obstacles can be bypassed by lining the shore if necessary. The rated rapids section is only about 1.5 miles on the river before the braiding begins in the river canyon. Keep watchful eyes on the cliffs for nesting birds and along the river where large wildlife can be around any corner.

Tangle Lakes/Delta River is one of the premier destinations for those who want a taste of what Alaska really has to offer. The Tangle Lakes Archeological District is the home of one of the oldest settled regions in North America with some evidence dating back 20,000 years. They knew it then and we know it now, that this is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Included attractions: Hiking, paddling, sightseeing, Mountains, Waterfalls, Wildlife, Fishing, Birding, photography, camping, whitewater paddling, and much more.