The Gulkana trip begins at Paxson Lake. There’s a three-mile paddle through the lake before you get into the river, which maintains a fairly swift pace once you get into it. The Gulkana sees a fairly high usage by rafters, who find its class III whitewaters to be some of the more exciting in the Interior. Due to the high number of users, it is likely you will encounter other paddlers, although Alaskan paddlers tend to be very polite and friendly. Paxson Lake is known for its lake trout. The river is known for its salmon, but it also has grayling, Dolly Varden, and rainbow trout. The further down you get on the Gulkana, the more likely it is you’ll see some Steelhead trout as well. The Gulkana trip has amazing scenery, a salmon counting station, and awesome rock formations as we travel through volcanic mountain ranges