News Item: Tangle Lakes, June 2015
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Friday 26 June 2015 - 06:39:00

This Tangle Lakes trip was a blast! More relaxing than the Gulkana, Tangle Lakes boasts incredible scenery! The flowers were in full bloom, splashing everything with a vibrant array of colors.


The weather was warm, but not hot, and although it threatened to rain for a brief period, the precipitation kindly decided to leave us alone after all. The place was pretty well deserted, too, so we had peace, quiet, and our choice of campsites.


The portage at Tangle Lakes had rougher terrain than Gulkana’s, but it was also beautiful. We trekked around to get a good view of the waterfall and were certainly not disappointed with what we saw.


It was after the portage that the faster water began. The rapids here were fairly gentle, and in most places, the bigger waves could easily be avoided. Or aimed for.


We caught a few lake trout, but the real biters were the grayling. For almost the entire trip, the grayling were practically jumping onto the lines. One member of our group caught a lake trout that had a grayling in its mouth already, which was really funny. It was a spectacular catch, too, because the fish was netted just as it flipped the line.


We also saw plenty of other wildlife: beavers were everywhere, and we saw several muskrats and bald eagles. We watched a songbird giving itself a morning bath, and once we saw a moose swimming for apparently no reason other than the joy of swimming. We saw some gigantic grizzly paw prints, but fortunately, no bears made an appearance during the trip. We also got threatened by several arctic terns who were unhappy at how close we had accidentally gotten to their nests. I love how brave those little birds are to defend their homes against five people who are all so much larger than they are.


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