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Planning a trip to Alaska? Let Alaska Dream Adventures help you create the perfect kayaking/canoeing adventure! Let us know when and where you'd like to go, and we'll work with you to make it happen. If you don't want to plan your own trip, then come along on one of our pre-scheduled adventures.

Trip scheduling is dependent upon interest and requests. Prices include food and equipment rental. Discounts are available for students, military, and youth groups and organizations. We prefer group sizes ranging between four and twelve people to maintain the wilderness experience. If you purchase a kayak from us, you get a 25% off certificate for your next trip!


 Below are some of our trips, listed in order of popularity. Rankings in several categories are on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. In the "Difficulty" category, a 5 indicates the most difficult that our guides will currently take customers on, not the class of whitewater. The "Remoteness" category indicates chances of seeing other people (1 meaning there will be other people around, 5 meaning there's nobody else for miles). A higher Remoteness score generally increases the likelihood of seeing more wildlife. 

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Tangle Lakes 26 mi, 3 days 2 5 5 4 $350 Challenging portage, incredible fishing and fossils
Gulkana River 39 mi, 3-4 days 4 3 5 4 $400 Portage, regular salmon runs
Rock Creek ~3 mi (repeated runs), 1 day 5 1* 3 2 $125-400* Creeking run, skill required
Chena River 1 day, variable length 1 1 1** 1 $75 No significant travel time; river runs through downtown Fairbanks
Upper Chena River 1-3 day, variable length 2 3 3 2 varies Near Chena Hot Springs!
Jim River ~16 mi, 2 days 2 4 5 4 $350 North of the Arctic Circle
Upper Chatanika ~30 mi, 2 days 2 2 2 2 $225 Old mining equipment
Mid Chatanika 8 hrs paddling 2 2 2 2 varies Can be run in one day or a casual overnight trip
Lower Chatanika 4 days 1 3 3 3  $550 Difficult takeout drive
Birch Creek 110 mi, 5-7 days 3 2 4 5 $550  
40 Mile 3 days 2 1 3 3 $450 May encounter dredging operations
40 Mile w/ Walker Fork 3 days 4 1 4 3 $550 Multiple drops of note
Hungry Hollow ~45 mi, 5-6 days 5 4 5 5 $550 Only runnable in high water


*There is a lake at the end of the creeking section of Rock Creek, so fishing is an option, but it isn't the focus of this trip

**The scenery for Chena River is ranked a 1 because the river goes through downtown, which most of our guides don't consider majestic. However, this category is fairly subjective, and if urban scenery is your preference, then you can bump this number up to probably a 4. There are many interesting and beautiful things to see on this trip, and much our guides can teach about Fairbanks history.


2018 schedule is being prepared.