Tangle Lakes, August 2015

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19 Aug 2015 : 04:25
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Tangle Lakes, August 2015

This Tangle Lakes trip was a little more intense than the last few this summer. We didn't put in until almost 11 pm on Friday night and reached the takeout point Sunday afternoon. We pushed steadily, but not hard.

The trip was kicked off with a beautiful blue moon that started out fuschia in color, then turned orange as it climbed in the sky.

We caught and kept two lake trout and a big grayling that we named Leonard. One of the lakers was easily twelve pounds and, as an added perk, had a grayling in his mouth when he was caught!


There was plenty of wildlife to be seen. A moose, a caribou, a few bald eagles, and plenty of beavers. We got to see one of the beavers dragging a tree down to build an addition onto its summer home. Three or four terns hovered around while we fished, thinking about snatching our fishing lures out of the air as we cast. (Fortunately, none of them followed through with their apparent desire for shiny things.)

We found a bald eagle feather by the edge of the river. Afterward, we noticed the eagles seemed to be following us. Clearly, they were wondering what we had done with the feather. I guess their eagle eyes somehow missed the part where we left the feather on the shore.

DSCN4598 2

One of the group members along was a geologist, and we all really enjoyed learning about some of the fossils and interesting landscape we see every trip. Apparently, the takeout point is an excellent spot for crinoids.



As always, the rapids were thrilling! We had a couple of close calls, but nobody went in the river. Feeling the boat going just beyond the edge of control was a good reminder not to stick our chests out too far. Even when it seems like a small thing, the river can be a challenge. Remember to keep paddling! A single paddle stroke can be the difference between flipping the boat and going where you want to go.



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