Tangle Lakes, July 2015

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19 Jul 2015 : 01:16
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Tangle Lakes, July 2015

Tangle Lakes was a wonderful place to spend the fourth of July weekend, and we clearly weren't the only ones who thought so. Although the word "crowded" probably wouldn't apply, nevertheless, there were more people out enjoying the wilderness than usual. Everyone we met was cheerful and friendly, giving our fairly-large group of ten an opportunity to meet many new potential friends. The weather was nice, the bugs not bad, and the flowers were still blooming vibrantly. The wildlife were out enjoying the weather as much as we were, and everyone appeared to have a fantastic time!



Not a fishing trip so much as a catching trip, we had several group members who were delighted as they went fishing for the first time and pulled in a grayling with almost every cast! One of our younger group members even caught a whitefish, which astonished our guide. In over thirty years of running Tangle Lakes, the guide had only seen a whitefish caught here three times before. Another group member was thrilled to find the geocache hidden at the portage.





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