We offer the following classes at Tanana Lakes on Tuesdays.

A liability waiver will need to be signed by every participant or the legal parent/guardian of the participant before a trip. Sign waiver here.

Sign up ahead of time since class size is limited.

ACA syllabus is linked to the class title.

Quickstart Kayak (winter availability)                                                       $80/student                       4 hours

Quickstart Canoe (winter availability)                                                      $80/student                       4 hours

Level 1 Introduction to Kayaking               (no prerequisite)                    $160/ student                    8 hours

Level 1 Introduction to canoeing                (no prerequisite)                   $160/student                     8 hours

Level 2 Essentials of River Kayaking (prerequisite level 1)                     $160/student                     8 hours minimum

Level 2 Essentials of River Canoeing (prerequisite level 1)                     $160/student                     8 hours minimum

Level 2 Essentials of Canoe Touring (prerequisite level 1)                      $160/student                     8 hours minimum

We recommend you bring the following:

  • 2 changes of clothes (just in case, though you should plan to get at least one set soaked, since you will be going in the water at least once)
  • towel
  • drinking water
  • snacks
  • bug spray
  • sunscreen
  • any paddling gear you may own that you want to improve your proficiency with (but we’ll provide anything you don’t bring
  • enthusiasm!

Quickstart your Kayak or Quickstart your Canoe class is $80 and is scheduled as a 4 hour sessions. These classes are usually scheduled Tuesdays. 

Level 1 Essentials of Kayaking or Essentials of Canoeing are available at Tanana Lakes. This class is generally offered on Tuesday.The Level 1 course is 8 hours of instruction and costs $160.

Level 2 Essentials of River kayaking, River Canoeing, or Canoe Touring are available to be scheduled to your needs. Level 2 requires a prerequisite level 1 completion and is an additional 8 hours of instruction. This class must be conducted at a river setting so the venue is subject to conditions. Level 2 is $160.