Alaska Dream Adventures Instructors/Guides

Alaska Dream Adventures instructors demonstrating techniques in pool

Anthony Mustered fell in love with Alaska in the mid 90’s and decided to make it home. Since then he has spent his time exploring this great state and loving every minute of it. Anthony is an Eagle Scout with first aid and emergency preparedness training, which can come in handy as he is an avid outdoorsman. He has been paddling all his life, and loves to be on the water. He also enjoys reading and computer games, but mostly in the winter when the paddling opportunities are sparse.

Cathryn “Cat” Fordham loves challenging herself and learning new skills, which include (but aren’t limited to) juggling, ham radio, climbing, music, cycling, and Epic. She grew up in Virginia, but fell in love with Alaska when she moved to Seward for a summer job in 2006. Despite having a degree in linguistics, her variety of occupations have included everything from dog grooming to surveying, and she has learned primarily that being active is what makes her happiest.